Kabir's Kitchen

Kabir's Kitchen

A multi cuisine restaurant , cafeteria with an art gallery and a banquet hall was to be designed retaining an old bungalow, with addition of a steel structure to create an environment for the food lovers of the city. The thrust was to retain as much as possible, of the existing and add new requirements which could be utilized for the next 5 years.
The location is in the heart of the new city business/commercial district, a densely populated area with heavy vehicular traffic movement at the junction of 2 major roads.
The concept was to create an ambience which reflects the contemporary, multi cultural and multi cuisine narrative of the city of Baroda. Hence, a variety of spaces, choice of materials was used to cater to the needs of the connoisseurs.
The location required buffer between the heavy vehicular traffic and ingress to the site. Hence, a promenade was created as a transitional space, between the parking and the structure, which then gradually moves from enclosed to the semi covered, finally to the open spaces.
The decor and the elements/motifs complement the scale of the spaces and purpose of each activity which vary from fine dining to cafeteria, art gallery and banqueting.


  • Year : 2013
  • Status : Completed
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