The Leisure House

The Leisure House

In the outskirts of a densely populated city, the need of a leisure home found a place in the calm virgin farmlands. Occupying a land parcel of 2 lakh sq.ft., the house is built on a modest 2000 sq.ft. area, with the rest being developed in mango orchards.
The design approach opens the major living spaces to the garden looking towards the farmland beyond. The living is designed as a central node in the house, which opens up to the verandah allowing a seamless view of the mango orchards. The orientation welcomes the mild morning sun also protecting the living areas from direct heat.. The layout is to maximize the visual connection, with the openings and sit-outs articulately orienting to the lush green outdoors. Services and entrances are planned in a manner so as not to encroach to the privacy of the inhabitants.
Complimenting the serenity of the site, a cost effective and sustainable design was developed. Each material used has been explored to its fullest potential. Exposed brickwork, concrete, polished flooring, stone jambs and projections, exposed concrete staircase are all integrated in a language that uplifts the natural quality of each material, giving the resident a necessary earthy feel. Interiors are collaborated in the same material palette. Exposed concrete ceiling, light use of wood and optimal furniture, leaves the resident with much spaces to feel the homely comfort. Minimal use of extra coating and additional finishing items, ensure that the beauty of the materials used remain intact.
The project combines the architectural beauty of the spaces formed and the natural setup it is carved into, giving a maximum sense of leisure in the minimalistic design approach.


  • Year : 2015
  • Client : Mr. Jeetu Ray
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Laxmipura, Anand
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