A cohesive design scheme was achieved by working closely with the resort promoters and landscape designers.
A sense of continuity from the front porch to the bottom of the garden is been achieved.
The space consists of a recreational complex with two restaurants, party halls, gymnasium, discotheque, game parlour , rooms for stay and vast landscaped areas for outdoor events.
The abstract in the plan have a definite association with traditional element of brick-clad columns.
Along with the vertical levels maintained in the colonnade aesthetics, the addition of a shallow pitched roof ‘grounds’ the structure.
Here the elements of contemporary outdoor living, dining area, the swimming pool, colonnaded walkways and foliage are successfully merged.
Being on the main Ahmedabad -Vadodara route made it important that the resort gave an imposing presence and yet have an earthy sense for visitors to feel at home.


  • Year : 2003
  • Client : Mr. Jitendra Patel
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Chhani, Vadodara
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